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Holiday Gifts (1-10)

October 7, 2009

According to Santa Claus there are only 78 days until Christmas. And if you’re like me, there are ton of gifts to make (or purchase).

This year I’ve opted to make all of my presents (approximately 30 gifts) for family and close friends. I didn’t take the Homemade Pledge, rather I thought the gift of time would be better suited for my situation. In my never ending Google quest for the right 30 gifts, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite (read:completed in less than a weekend) tutorials from around the web. Hopefully, you’ll find it valuable too.

1) Pet Lovers: Dog bed and collar

2) Simple Block Quilt

3) Tote Bags

4) Softies

5) Aprons

6) Eye Pillows (Opens in a PDF)

7) Pillow

8) Clutch

9) Fabric Covered Notebook

10) Rolled up pencil kit.

The next ten will be posted tomorrow, followed by the last 10 on the day after.

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