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Cathedral Quilt: Prep Work

November 2, 2009

I began the day by working on my mother’s quilt top. The rows are completed and I was began attaching them when… I ran out of thread. Yes, I of all people, ran out of thread. After searching the entire house repeatedly to no avail, I decided to begin cutting fabric for my cathedral quilt.

I purchased the fabric nearly a month ago after being inspired by Hyena In Petticoats‘ tutorial. Her simplified tutorial made it look entirely too  easy. For some reason, I was under the impression that this quilt could be made in a day (HAHAH…Fat chance!) In six hours, I cut about 7 yards of fabric into 11.5 inch squares, 10 5×5 batting squares,  pressed 20 half blocks, pressed 10 full blocks, watched 2.5 movies while pressing and sewed absolutely nothing. Whew. It was long prep day. I figure I’ll need around 300 squares, so I’m positive that this quilt will not be completed before New Year’s given all of the Christmas gifts yet to made.

I’ll definitely keep you posted of my progress on this one. Especially, since I made one major modification to this quilt by adding batting to the center blocks for added warmth. If your interested in the time it takes to complete one, check out Sunshine Creations. She’s done the math for you. Only wish I had read this first 🙂

Fabric for Quilt

Fabric Selection

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