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♥ Baby Lock Love ♥

November 26, 2009

Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Pro has arrived!

Today I completed my first quilt on a brand spanking new Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice Pro! It’s actually quite a feat for me. I’m so accustomed to (highly & over) computerized sewing machines, that normally more attention is paid to choosing fabrics than threading my machine or adjusting the tension for that matter. Yet, you know you have something special when your machine only sew straight stitches 🙂

Threading the machine required extensive glances at the pictorial quick start pamphlet. “Huh?” continued to echo through my head I glance between the booklet and my machine. Of course, this was not an error on Baby Lock’s part. It was my own. I had grown use to my Singer 7470. I could practically thread the machine with my eyes shut.Under, over, through, and into into the needle threader. Only on rare occasions did I question the automatic tension setting. I loved that machine and still do for that matter. It was wonderful. Single touch buttonhole stitching and well over 50+ creative stitches. It wasn’t until today that my Baby Locks showed me what I was missing…control.

Once I figured out how to thread my machine and use the needle threader (yes, every machine is different). I pulled out some scrap fabric and began to sew. WOW. It was so smooth and straight just using the manufacturer’s settings. And then, I began to play. At first, I changed everything to extremes. And then slowly, tweaked it to my personal tastes. I never would have tried this on the Singer.

I moved from scrap fabric to a Moda Layer Cake fabric pack. I finished an entire top within an hour and half. Did I mention, this thing is fast! I never got up to full speed, but even at half speed my chained pieces were flying out the back of the machine.

After I pressed everything and cut the backing. I realized that was out of batting! Dang. I had to put the quilt on hold until today after I’d picked up some batting and binding fabric.

At 4pm, I made my quilt sandwich and used painter’s tape to grid it.

It was now time to quilt.

What an absolute joy! The amout of under arm work space meant that I didn’t have to curse the gods for making the task so difficult. I started quilting a 5pm, took a break around  6.30pm to cook dinner and eat, started back quilting and finished by 8.45pm. Granted, I didn’t do any fancy quilting, just straight, diagnal crossing lines. Once, I got comfortable with controlling the fabric, I stepped up the speed. By the time I flipped the quilt around the sew the crossing lines, I was zipping through the blocks. “Wahoooooooo!” replaced my state of  confusion from the previous day. I’ve never been so pleased with a sewing machine.

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  1. June 26, 2010 10:34 pm

    I’m glad you like your Baby Lock. Three years ago, I received my first Baby Lock from my parents. I have the Decorator’s Choice. I love it. Threading it did take some time for me to learn as well! I also have the Baby Lock Allure for an embroidery machine. Love that one as well, but sometimes I do have the urge to throw it out the window. Not any issue with the machine, just me still learning how to use it!
    Happy sewing!

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