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Day 8: Layout & Chain Sewing

January 9, 2010

Can you believe it? We’ve finished Week 1!

These next two tutorials will involve chain sewing the blocks into rows and then sewing the rows together. Before we begin, lets pick a layout.

Quilt Along Sewing Instructions

I. Picking a Layout

Choosing a layout is fairly simple. Arrange the blocks so you have 13 blocks going down and 12 columns going across.  You’ll need a total of 156 blocks. Click on the photo to the right to see an diagram of the final layout. As you arrange your quilt blocks, try to keep the color balanced. Stand back and look at the quilt to make sure that all greens (or any other color) aren’t grouped together. It may help to take a quick photo of the quilt.


(or Not)

If you don’t want to plan your quilt, you don’t have to. You can randomly select 13 different blocks together for each column. Be sure not to 1) sew the same print in the same column and 2) be sure to change up the order.

II. Chain Sewing

Will be up shortly.

Step 1: Start sewing your block pieces

Start sewing your pieces together, using a 1/4″ seam but before you get to the end of the fabric, line up your next 2 pieces so that it touches the end of the pieces you are sewing.

Step 2: Continue sewing from one set to the next

Don’t stop or cut threads as you normally would if you were garment sewing. Don’t reverse sewing or stitch in place to secure threads. Just keep right on sewing off the edge of on set of quilt pieces and onto the next set. This is how you “chain” piece. The quilt pieces will be all stitched as a chain and when you are done sewing them you simply snip the 2-3 threads between each set of pieces and then press.

Step 3: Press Seams

Press all seams toward the dark/printed fabric.

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