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Basting A Quilt

January 17, 2010

There are several ways to baste a quilt, but we are going to use safety pins.

With your quilt laid out on the floor and starting along one of the edges, place a safety pin in the center of a rectangle. We are placing all of the safety pins in the center of each rectangle because we will quilt along the seam lines and we don’t want to sew over  the safety pins.

Continue placing safety pins about every 4 inches. If you run out of safety pins, you can space them out more.

Note: On a larger quilt you would start from the center an work your way out to the sides. I’m making special concessions for this one because it is smaller and I’ve noticed that beginners tend to shift the quilt around when kneeling on it. So for this example, we are going to start at the edge and gently roll up the quilt  as we baste.

Video Instructions

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